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Raw Photo,

Prompt used to generate this image


Generation parameters

Raw Photo,
Calvin klein ((lingerie 1.
9)) 18 years old model with a European ethnicity and fair complexion.
She has a defined jawline and high cheekbones with piercing blue eyes and arched eyebrows.
She wears her curly hair in a short,
messy bob with highlights of platinum blonde and light brown.
The model has a confident and composed facial expression with a subtle smile that showcases her white,
even teeth.
Her makeup is minimalistic,
with a light pink lip color,
natural-looking foundation,
and mascara.
She is dressed in a ((pink push up bra 1.
9)) .
The focus is on her striking facial features,
and she poses straight-on,
with her head slightly tilted to the right.
Her posture is upright,
with her shoulders back,
and she has a serene and tranquil expression.
The model is photographed in a modern,
high-end photography studio with diffused lighting that highlights her facial features while creating a soft,
gentle glow.
The camera used is a Sony a7R IV with a Sony FE 85mm f/1.
4 GM lens that captures her features in crisp detail.
The photo is composed using the rule of thirds,
with the model’s eyes in the upper left intersection point.
The final image is post-processed to enhance the natural beauty of the model,
with a subtle increase in contrast and brightness to make her features pop.
The photo has a warm,
golden tone with a slight vignette added to the edges to create a frame-like effect